Be Kind to People


Have you ever watched an episode of The Ellen DeGeneres Show?  You are missing out if you haven’t.  It’s clever and funny and inspiring.  It’s tough when you aren’t always home at 3:00 in the afternoon but it’s worth it to DVR.

Anyway – that isn’t the point.  The point is, Ellen ends every show with the words “Be Kind to One Another.”  And it re-touches me every time I hear it.  Jimmy Fallon said “Be Nice to People” when he finished hosting SNL for the first time.  And I’ll never forget it.  And I want to live by it.

To me – this never gets old

I was driving home early this morning along with the other commuters and started having awful flashbacks to my old job.  I kept thinking about how miserable I was waking up in the morning knowing I had to get in my car again.  How I would come up with various ways to get to my desk so I could avoid anyone I worked directly with.  How I would dread when I could feel them coming towards my desk or when I saw them in my inbox.  The way I would wish I’d had enough work to distract me throughout the day so it would end faster.  The relief of seeing the clock pass 4:59 PM.

It was awful to relive these feelings and I know only time can continue to heal.  But it reiterated my belief in Ellen DeGeneres and Jimmy Fallon’s words.  It’s important to treat people well – you never know what is happening in their day job or at school, at home, etc…

I know there are other people out there going through what I experienced.  I just hope this is a way of showing that you are not alone.  I am lucky I had the opportunity to leave and get out of a nasty environment.  I am lucky that my biggest problem today is trying to figure out why the mozzarella won’t melt on my omelet and convincing Darcy that the window washers aren’t here to kill us.

I saw this and it really made me feel better about my decision to leave again.  And I hope it resonates with you as well.


Be Kind to People.  And have a fantastic day.

Wordless Wednesday … LOL JK

I recently saw a trend on some blogs called Wordless Wednesday.  At first I was like oh neat a blog trend I want to be like all the other bloggers.  But then I thought – how do you write a blog post without any words?  And then I thought – when have I ever done anything without any words?  And then I thought – that is the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard.  So just so you know – this is a Wordless Wednesday post boycotting Wordless Wednesday. Boom. Drop the mic.

I've recently been weeding out my friends and family members based on how regularly they read my blog

I’ve recently been weeding out my friends and family members based on how regularly they read my blog