The Avocado 

Can you tell I’m feeling relatively uninspired today? It probably has something to do with it being 3:47 PM on Cinco de Mayo and I haven’t had a margarita yet. But hopefully we’ll change that soon.

I thought I’d analyze the avocado for your reading pleasure. It won’t take long- there isn’t much to say. But I feel like the avocado has done what brussel sprouts and kale strive to do- go from fad to kitchen staple. Here’s why I think the avocado is so great:

  1. They’re diverse: you can eat an avocado in some form at every meal. They can accompany your omelet or huevos rancheros at breakfast. They can be on your turkey sandwich at lunch. They can be added to your tacos at dinner. Talk about an all around accompaniment!
  2. They’re healthy: avocados have all kinds of nutrients- including more potassium than bananas and tons of fiber. And that’s great for your digestive track and curing hangovers!
  3. They’re mild and easy to eat: when my goddaughter was a baby she loved avocado. I’ll never forget it because I was 12 years older and still thought they were gross because they were green. But she inspired me to try them and as a result I made them into a blog post. So thanks AK!
  4. Guacamole: you can put anything in guac and it’s fantastic. Crab. Cheese. Tuna. Other fruit. Vegetables. Probably not cannoli filling but we won’t hold that against it.

My favorite fact about the avocado is that it is often referred to as the ‘alligator pear.’ I don’t know who is calling it that- but consider this the last time I use the term avocado.

The biggest problem with alligator pears is trying to get them when ripe.  100% of the time I buy them too soon and forget about them once they’re ripe and then they’re gross. Or I think I’m beating the system and buying them when they feel ripe and I get home and they’re actually not ripe but already gross.

But today I came across a very nifty trick! I’m thinking of attempting a social experiment and going to the grocery store and checking how many are actually ripe in the basket that says they’re ready to eat…

So there you have it. You all now know my thoughts on the alligator pear fruit. I hope your Cinco de Mayo is full of this green cancer fighter and arthritis preventer and that you have consumed more margaritas than I have today!