Quick Bouts of Wisdom

I don’t like getting deep and emotional, thanks to my Irish Catholic upbringing. But I do love quick wise quotes.  They’ve honestly never really resonated with me before I left my job and my future, which was once a perfectly manicured path turned into an unpaved abyss.  I came across this today and thought well that does apply, but there’s good news and there’s bad news:


The good news is I’ve achieved two out of the three.  It’s exciting to think that in two months of retirement I’ve discovered a new work out routine that I enjoy, and I relay creativity by way of having a blog.  These are two things I never would have even thought of when I was crumbling in a cubical.  It’s hard to find time to be creative or funny when you’re feeling awful or doing something you don’t like all day long.

Now that’s not to say you can’t have these things if you have a job.  I just found that, if you’re doing something where you are constantly miserable, it can be difficult to find a balance.  I never wanted to work out – let alone search for something I might enjoy when I was commuting to get to my bed every night.  And I wouldn’t have started a blog because it is rather time consuming and I had nothing positive to say.

The bad news is in regards to the hobby that makes you money.  Working out and writing a hilarious blog that you can’t tear your eyes away from doesn’t necessarily pay the bills.  But I guess that is just the next step.  Focusing on careers that will make me so happy.  And so rich.  Like- swim in my pool full of cash for extra cardio before bed at night.

It’s all a process.  I’m just excited that I’m getting there.


I was driving yesterday and thinking about how I’m finally genuinely happy for the first time in a long time.  And then I started to think about other times in my life when I felt this way.  In recent memory, I’d say Junior year of college and the year after college when I worked for the Orioles were the two happiest times of my adult life.  Those times when I felt excited to wake up in the morning and went to bed early to get the next day started.

I’ve always wondered what it takes to be happy?  I’m going to say nice weather helps a lot, but I think the definitive answer is Freedom.  The Freedom you feel when an ex-boyfriend leaves town and you realize you aren’t going to run into him anymore.  Or the Freedom that comes with leaving a job, whether for retirement or another job, and realizing you never have to put up with that beast of a boss who was ruining your days.  The Freedom of being on vacation without any set plans and knowing you can do whatever you want.  The Freedom of living for yourself.  Or my dog’s reaction after a car trip when I let her out…