This One is for Steph

Earlier this year I went to a decent number of basketball games.  They were really fun because I was in the owners box but also because in basketball, someone is obligated to win, so although the Sixers couldn’t get it done, the other team would.

During that time I fell for my new athletic man of the hour, Steph Curry.  I’m a playoff NBA fan so don’t know much about what’s going on in the regular season – BUT I learned about Steph early this year, thanks to this phenomenal SportCenter commercial:

It was really exciting to get to watch him play against the Sixers.  It was actually a fantastic game on both sides.  And now he’s in the Finals.  And everyone outside of Cleveland’s fair weather, hypocritical, jersey burning fans are looking to see him bring in a Championship. (That’s nothing against Lebron – just the haters.)  It’s fun to have a reason to get excited about the Finals when the Pelicans get knocked out early and your home team sets records for most losses in NBA history.

Keep up the good work out there, Golden State and Steph!  I can’t wait to hang out with Riley all the time some day!


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