The Best Twitter Day Ever

This morning, I was laying on my couch, watching my bible, Today with KLG and Hoda.  They were showing submitted #twinning photos of mothers and daughters that were dressed the same or looked alike.  Precious.  Kath and Hoda then said they wanted to see photos of people who look like their dogs.  It is always hilarious when people look like animals.  I love that Progressive Insurance commercial when Flo says “I didn’t turn your daughter into a chicken – she just looks that way.”

I don’t think of myself as someone who necessarily looks like my dog – primarily because I have all of my feet and I’m far more than 12 pounds.  But I do love dressing the same.  And considering Hoda can appreciate a solid Saints fan I figured I would Tweet a photo at them and give it a shot.

To my elation, they saw it!

Both of them.  And the show.  AND the Saints.  Now – do they all have assistants managing their social media?  Probably.  Does Drew Brees closely monitor the Saints Twitter feed? Unlikely.  Will Matt Lauer now read my blog every night before he goes to bed? Ehhhhh…  But I have 3 new followers and 23 likes and 3 retweets and that many more people know how great my dog looks in a Saints jersey.

Check it out.  I was like an hour long Twitter sensation.  #BestTwitterDayEver



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