Crazy Love

There are two types of couples who get engaged.  There are the types that you sort of hope won’t work out – and then when they do, you grin and bear it and go along with the motions and wait until things start to fall apart and you’re called in to be the shoulder to cry on.  And then there are the types who make you wonder why they had to live their first twenty-something years of life apart from each other.

I know both types of couples but am fortunate that the majority of my close friends fall into the second category.  One great couple that I know got engaged in Paris at midnight on New Years Eve last/this year.  One of my girlfriends was taken by complete surprise on her childhood-dream wedding date when her now fiancé popped the question.  Another got married in November, 2014 and is having their first baby in October, 2015.  My girlfriend who used to send me “do you think this will ever work” emales (as we called them) about a guy she had a crush on is marrying him next month. Love stories are a beautiful thing.

I mention this now because of a particular couple that I am friends with.  We’ll call her “Bedazzled” and we’ll call him “Abs.”  They met because he was the cute ab instructor at her gym and she wanted to get his attention.  She did a great job; they started dating, everyone loved them together, they became roommates and always talked about the future.  The future has always been inevitable with them, but a lot of us couldn’t help but wonder… after all these years… where was the ring?

Until last night.

You might need sunglasses to read the rest of this post

You might need sunglasses to read the rest of this 

Abs surprised Bedazzled with a necklace, a love note, a gold-dipped rose, and a photo album of their lives together.  He added captions and memories and in the end the book held a photo of her dream ring.

“You know it’s funny,” Abs told me, “I worked so hard on that book, and after I gave her the ring, it was like it didn’t even exist.”

Bedazzled said, “I just kept looking at him and saying ‘Is this for real?!  Is that mine?!'”

They were just so happy – at lunch today they didn’t stop smiling.  And the ring is just so fabulous.  It’s exactly what she wanted and he waited until that was what he could give her.  Good things come to those who wait.  Great things in this case. Call it your average love story – but like many of the couples mentioned before, it’s more than mediocre when two people get to affirm that they’ve been spending their years waiting to be with each other.

My favorite part was when I asked if he was nervous before proposing and he said “Not really – she’s been saying yes for the last three years.”

If this is a preview of the rest of their lives, I can’t wait to see how it continues.

Congratulations to all of my friends who have found that person with whom to share such Crazy Love.

There is no lighting where it doesn't sparkle

There is no lighting where it doesn’t sparkle

It even looked nice on Abs' finger

It even looked nice on him!

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