The Real Winners

One of my favorite days of the year is the Phillies 5K.  I have run it for the last three years and it’s the one day when I know for a fact I will accomplish something that I’m proud of.

Sometimes, I make the silly decision to sign up for more 5Ks.  Last Saturday was one of those days.  My friend Bake-Master and I were going to do the Color Run in Camden.  Saturday morning, however, we woke to a predicament.  It was 40 degrees outside.  Allegedly everything you wear during the Color Run gets destroyed and we had bought sacrificial running gear for a 70 degree morning.

I woke at 6:20 and had a text from Bake-Master from 6:09 subtly mentioning that if I didn’t want to run she would understand.  It was one of those situations where I didn’t really care strongly either way, but I didn’t want to freeze, I didn’t want to ruin something nice, I didn’t want to have to spend my morning in New Jersey, but most of all I didn’t want to sound like the lazy friend.  I told her it was up to her – I was in or out, all the while praying she was out.  It took her maybe three more texts to justify why we should stay home and I happily obliged, falling back to sleep by 6:32.

We did, however, decide to celebrate our win.  We didn’t have to run in the freezing weather.  We didn’t ruin any clothes.  We didn’t get covered in color gas and look like Occupy Wall Street hippies.  We didn’t have to leave the safe confines of Pennsylvania.  We were clean.  We were well rested.

We met at noon for a fantastic brunch and afterwards had a champagne picnic in the park to further discuss our great decision.  Someone did win the Color Run.  But we were the real winners.

We probably looked a little like hippies at this point

We probably looked a little like hippies at this point

Celebratory Brunch

Celebratory Brunch

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