Addiction at its Finest

I’ll be the first to tell you, I’m often late to the game.  I didn’t get an iPhone until it was a 4S.  It took me a while to wrap my head around the skinny jeans idea.  I’m still not fully sold on kale.  You know – it just takes me a little while to get into the most current fad.

This weekend… I discovered Netflix.

And for so long – I have been blind.

You always see meme’s about being in a relationship with your Netflix account or binge watching vs binge eating… And I always thought I was above it.  I don’t watch a lot of television shows and when I binge watch something it’s usually Friends on syndication when I feel lonely and want to pretend I’m their seventh member.  But in the last 48 hours – all of this has changed.

Netflix is like God’s gift to the super bored/hungover/dumped/tired/retired citizens of the world. You find whatever it is you want to watch – click play – and it goes on forever.

OH MY GOODNESS – I literally hit play to take a picture for this post and have watched ten minutes.  I haven’t even taken my coat off from walking Darcy and I want to say that’s for the good of the blog but I think it’s subconsciously for Season 2: Episode 10 of Scandal.

Anyway – you decide what you want to watch, sweet talk your friend into giving you her brother’s password while he’s away in Iowa at what I can only assume is a corn-shucking event, log-in and select your program. Then, it starts.  Season 1: Episode 1.  And you think – eh, this should be alright.  So you watch Episode 1.  And it’s good and you’re wondering what happens next.  And that is when Netflix strikes.  That’s when this fantastic and addicting service sinks it’s talons into your eyes and holds you so hard you can never get away.  Immediately Episode 2 starts.  You don’t have to go back to the home screen or hit play – it waits 15 seconds, and just starts.  Otherwise- if you can’t wait that long, which has been the case for me a number of times in the last, now 52 hours – you can hit the big red play button that appears in the middle of the episode preview and skip the credits from the one you just watched.  They also make it impossible to find a pause or stop button.

#nonono  #nottoday

#nonono #nottoday

The next step is to thank the Lord you do not have a job because it would have been a darn shame when you had to use PTO days to stay in your house and catch up to the current Season 4.

Kudos Netflix – you got me.  Just like you got the rest of them.  You’re like a highly trained assassin who sneaks in and quietly squeezes the life out of any productivity I could have had today… or this weekend.  I feel like a drug addict.  To think, 52 hours ago, I was clean.

So enthralled

So enthralled

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